Afetes – Afyssos

The route stating at the semi-mountainous settlement of Afetes to the coastal village of Afyssos follows the ravine named Chalorema. This small canyon offers the shortest connection between these two villages and it is the most well-known trail of Southern Pelion moving in such a terrain. In the past, the name of the village was Niaou which stands for the Greek vocalization of cats. Moreover, this route used to serve as the most preferable way for the inhabitants of Afetes to reach the small port of Afyssos.





3.1 km


20 m


250 m




 Starting point

Afetes ➜


Afyssos ➜


  • This hiking route has no technical accessibility requirements. However, the terrain is rough and rocky and we move continuously on partially unstable ground with pebbles and fallen branches of different dimensions. Constant caution is required and a moderate level of flexibility.
  • The distances between the markings are not always exactly defined, which is a similar problem is other trails of Pelion too. Nevertheless, there is only one way to go and this is to follow the riverbed until you finally detect the next paint mark.


  • The movement in the ravine should be avoided in case of heavy rainfall due to the possibility of sudden debris flow and landslide. Make sure the wooden bridge is stable enough before crossing.

Koropi – Afetes

Afyssos – Lefokastro